Summer Solstice Soundbites

Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, is less than twenty four hours upon us as of my writing. You wouldn’t know it based on the record heatwave many of us have been facing in the center of the country! Climate change continues its ravages across the world, heavily distorting the seasons in many parts of the globe but that discussion could take up many blog posts, I will set it aside for now.

As is part of my faith, seasonal transitions are a big deal because not only is the world changing around me but its a good time to reflect back and look and what’s happened. This past spring, my son was born and has been in my life for nearly two months, I traveled to Vegas and to Denver to witness a childhood friend get married to the love of his life. I’ve introduced my son to many people and began showing him the world around us. I’ve visited old childhood locations to relieve memories and focus on the way forward.

Summer is a time of tremendous abundance, warm weather, long days and celebrations. I have many of those coming up; family weddings, birthdays, children’s milestones and parties for all manner of occasions. Bittersweet good-byes to friends on their next adventures to other states and surely more things I don’t yet know about.

The colors of this season are green and yellow, for the world of growth and the sun. When I dress my altar in these colors its a reflection of what the summer means to me. It’s a remembrance of what has been in summers past and in summers to come. It’s anticipation for celebration, vitality, life and thriving in a bright and changing world. It’s a call to action to preserve our planet. The seasons are getting harsher due to human inflicted damage to our world; droughts, storms, floods and fires all becoming more and more frequent.

However it is also a time of tremendous optimism too. Something about this season refreshes me and makes me feel like we can tackle anything as both a society and me as an individual. My paternity leave is coming to an end, I am considering changes in my career to move onto the next big thing. For now, however I am feeling the spark of joy returning a bit to programming. Not to work per se, but to furthering my own skills and growing my career legacy. I am more motivated now than ever with my son in my life to provide the best for him. Somewhat auspiciously (yet ironically, given he was born in April): my son’s name is a reference to a sun sign. Surely he will also love the summer! I can’t wait for him to be old enough to enjoy our walks, playing games, swimming in pools and shooting off fireworks with his friends.

These seasonal changes are a stark reminder that time is my most valuable asset, and to enjoy every moment that I have in this world because they won’t last forever. But rather than dwelling on that, I’d rather dwell on the new season ahead of us and show my excitement and joy at what is to come.

For now I leave you with these reflections but I say blessed be and happy summer!