Changing religious mores in the United States

The United States is slowly but surely becoming less religious. There’s lots of reasons for this and lots of people more qualified than me to analyze them but as a millennial who is of the age who is expected to return to church but is not, I am not terribly surprised to see any of that. In a wholly random day where I was poking at the wayback machine, I decided to compare some pages across the years on wikipedia about Religion in the United States and I compared the sidebar charts:

Shift in American religion, 2014-2019

This change is coming at a feverish pace and is explained in great depth in the Pew Religion Survey from 2019. I am heartened to see this considering how the election of Trump and the proliferation of conspiracy theories and deep division in the United States. I would not go so far as to blame religion for our ills but its clear to me that a certain vision of the United States as Christian nation is out of sync with reality.

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